2023 FPF Futsal League Cup Finals

Gondomar, Portugal

Project Description

The Men´s Final-Eight and Women´s Final-Four of the FPF Portuguese Futsal League took place at Pavilhão Multiusos of Gondomar (Portugal), between January 26 and 29. In the Finals of this edition, SL Benfica won both the Men and Women competitions, by defeating Quinta dos Lombos (3-0) and Nun'Álvares (4-1), respectively.


In this event, Fun-Addict was responsible for the following:

  • Arena floor set up
  • LED Perimeter Board
  • Ledwall
  • Audiovisuals
  • Production of the Trophy Delivery Ceremonies


Photo Credits: FPF

Project Details

26/01/23 - 29/01/23
FPF - Federação Portuguesa de Futebol